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WELCOME to Stevens Tech Inc .

Founded in 1995, Stevens Tech Inc. supplies aircraft and industrial product for both military and commercial application to its international and domestic customers. Stevens Technology has a unique proprietary Database System thus, has a capability to update and search for up-to-date information on sources. In addition, we can quickly check multiple suppliers, determine the best price and secure the delivery on the date needed. And every item is inspected and guaranteed to meet the specification. A detail full range of components & replacement parts and equipments: Accessories): bearings, cable & wires, electronics etc. Ground Support): tripod, Aircond, Starter, Generator, etc. Fasteners & Fittings): Screw, nuts, Bolts, Washers, Rings, Pins, Elbows, Tees etc. Hydraulic System & Components): Pump, Valve, solenoid, Filters Military/aircraft spare parts): AN, MS, MIL, NSN, Ordnance parts Pneumatics * Power Supplies * Tools Raw Materials): Stl & Aluminum Bar, Tube, Plate etc.


More importantly, we are available to supply with rare and out-of-date components and parts to meet our customers' special needs; especially for those who own traditional equipment which needs to be maintained from time to time. For information of more products, please feel free to contact us with the details.


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